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Wish List

For Dogs:

Dry Dog Food:

  • Nutrisource Adult – Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Canidae All Life Stage Multi-Protein Formula

Non-food Items:

  • Best Shot 256 Disinfectant – lemon or any other scent
  • MidWest Homes for Pets – exercise pen with Full Max Lock Door
  • Mini-fridge w/small freezer – 1.6  cubic feet (We need two.)
  • CSBD plastic spray bottles – 16 oz. (3 pack)
  • 13 gal. size clear trash bags
  • 1 gal. bottles of distilled white vinegar
  • 1 gal. bottles of Dawn soap
  • 25 ft. garden hose
  • Bungee cord straps (all sizes)
  • Dog beds, treats & toys
  • Dog leashes & collars

For Cats:

Dry Food:

  • Purina One Dry Food:  Adult Indoor Advantage and Adult Sensitive Skin and Stomach
  • Iams Dry Food:  Healthy Digestion Sensitive (in pink bag)

Canned Foods:

  • Wellness Turkey Pate
  • Sheba Chicken or Turkey Pate
  • Fancy Feast Classic (Ocean Whitefish/Tuna, Salmon, Cod Sole & Shrimp, Salmon & Shrimp)
  • Fancy Feast Flaked (Fish & Shrimp)
  • Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers – ALL flavors
  • Fancy Feast Medleys – ALL flavors (NO Pate)
  • Friskies Pate
  • Friskies Shreds (Chicken, Turkey & Cheese, Ocean    Whitefish/Tuna)
  • Friskies in Gravy  (Chicken Pate, Chicken Chunky)


  • Any type of CRUNCHY cat treats (preferably Temptations Party Mix)

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