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Testimonials From Our Customers

Thank you for helping us with our new family member
Written by: Norma B

We found a dog and they helped us with the neutering and it's first shots. It helped a lot in the veterinary costs. Thank you for helping us with our new family member

This place is AMAZING!!
Written by: Siobhan M

This place is AMAZING!! My vet wanted so much money to fix my dogs. There was no way I was gonna be able to afford it. But with the help of Heaven Can Wait I'm able to give 2 dogs a good home and all of my Love. Thank you to the Friendly staff, donators, and Dr's

They are just amazing! Great Service, Great Puppies
Written by: Ruby T

I absolutely love this place!! I got my amazing dog Quest today! He is just so cute! I adopted him at Bogart's Bone Appetit!! The service was just amazing!! You can truly see they care about their dogs. They are all trained in obedience classes at the Women's Correctional Facility. Just based off his actions and behavior already I can see they trained him well. They trained him many different things; He walks on the left side, he can sit, he can stay, he can lay down, and he can dance. They are just amazing! Great Service, Great Puppies

I definitely will go back and I will send people there as well
Written by: Cassie N

Loved the staff, everyone was super sweet and very kind. The vet technician was super sweet and very gentle with my kitten. She filled me with a bunch of knowledge which was awesome. I definitely will go back and I will send people there as well

Always been a positive experience
Written by: Richard H

Bringing my fury kids up here has always been a positive experience. They are my go to vets for emergencies especially. Their doctors and staff are always friendly and easy to deal with. I highly recommend this vet hospital

Definitely one of my favorites!!
Written by: Cherish C

Truly an amazing place! They take excellent care of their animals and are 100℅ dedicated to ensuring each animal is well taken care of. Any expense forked out to adopt an animal is completely put back into giving the next animal the same treatment. Carefully chosen volunteers and foster homes, the adoption process is easy and relatively quick on the people while ensuring safety for the animal in question. The owners, foundation staff and volunteers are absolutely Heaven sent for these animals who are looking to give the love they have for love in return. Definitely one of my favorites!!

Couldn't have possibly went any better
Written by: Simone B

I took my babies to get neutered, chunk and pharaoh. Such a scary thing, but they made it pleasant. Great communication and was a lot quicker than I. Expected. Once I got them back home, they came out and stumbled a lil but they are back to normal! Moving a Lil slower, but if their booties weren't shaved, I would never know they had a procedure. Thank you guys so much !!! After trying to go through another service and having my appointment pushed back almost two months out of nowhere, I am so happy that I was able to get an appointment with them as soon as I did, and everything went so well. Couldn't have possibly went any better

Definitely recommend anyone who needs their pets fixed
Written by: Harleen Q

They were helpful and knowledgeable about my dogs. Took both my german mix and my chihuahua to get spayed. Due to Covid. They called me over the phone to talk about any precautions and any concerns about my girls. I did love that they kept in contact with me after their surgery. Definitely made me feel better that they cared about my girls. Definitely recommend anyone who needs their pets fixed

10-star rating!!!
Written by: Victoria H

10-star rating!!! I heard about HCW from a friend so I took my little angel Snickers to be spayed instead of my usual vet. I like to support local nonprofits whenever possible, they are working nonstop in their spay/neuter efforts to eliminate the unnecessary killing of pets. They were kind, fast, and reviewed every detail with me, they even called later to ask if they could post photos of her on social because they all fell in love with her

Thank you very much Heaven Can Wait
Written by: Shane O

Came in with my two chihuahuas for spaying procedures. Came in at 645 am. Check in was quick and easy. Got to see the doctor right away. He suggested seeing my normal vet for some concerns after the procedure. They called me around 12 noon to come pick up my babies at 2pm. Check out was as easy as check in. Gave me their pain meds and post care documents and even helped me bring one of them in the car. They even called me the day after to check how they were doing. Thanks you very much Heaven Can Wait

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