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PRESS RELEASE: Heaven Can Wait Animal Society Announces Grant from The Engelstad Foundation

LAS VEGAS – Heaven Can Wait Animal Society is honored to announce a generous operational grant from the Engelstad Foundation. This $150,000 grant will support the organization’s core lifesaving programs, including a longstanding affordable Spay & Neuter Clinic, wellness and preventative care, and adoptions for dogs with special medical or behavioral needs.

“The Engelstad Foundation’s incredible investment in our mission comes at an important time,” says Francesca Fulciniti, Executive Director. “We’ve seen increased need from families and from nonprofit partners alike. This gift allows us to keep essential services and adoptions accessible to all who need them, both saving lives and changing lives for the better. Taking care of Las Vegas’s animals is an important part of fostering a healthy, happy community – something The Engelstad Foundation has done for Las Vegas since its founding.”

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society serves pet cats and dogs, community cats, and animals in foster and adoption programs through partnerships with other animal welfare nonprofit organizations.

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