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PRESS RELEASE: HCW Announces the Romeo Fund

Romeo, the inspiration for the Romeo Fund

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society is pleased to announce the Romeo Fund, a new way to help pets access lifesaving veterinary services here in Las Vegas.

The Romeo Fund was inspired by a very special dog named Romeo, a true friend to everyone he met. Even though Romeo is no longer with us, his memory lives on through this amazing fund.

Heaven Can Wait believes that every pet deserves lifesaving care, no matter what their family's financial situation may be. That's why The Romeo Fund was created - to help further subsidize critical spay, neuter, and vaccination services for families who need additional financial support.

Mary Beth Hartleb with photo of Romeo

“We are thrilled to have another tool available to us to help pets access the care they need,” says Francesca Fulciniti, Executive Director. “Many families are priced out of spay and neuter services, and even vaccines, at full-service clinics. With the launch of the Romeo Fund, we’ll be able to provide preventative care to even more pets in dogs in our community. We know this will keep animals happier and healthier. What we want to prevent is seeing families making tough choices between household bills and vet expenses.”

Romeo's mom and Heaven Can Wait board member, Mary Beth Hartleb, has pledged to double incoming donations up to $5,000 for the launch of The Romeo Fund. This means that contributions will go even further in making a difference in the lives of pets and their families in Southern Nevada.

Those interested in contributing to the Romeo Fund – and having their gift matched – can do so here:

About Heaven Can Wait Animal Society

Founded in 2000, Heaven Can Wait Animal Society is a nonprofit dedicated to preventing unnecessary euthanasia and improving quality of life for cats and dogs through spay/neuter services, quality veterinary care, community outreach, and advocacy. The organization is committed to providing accessible services throughout Southern Nevada. In collaboration with numerous rescue organizations, shelter partners, and trap/neuter/return groups they have helped nearly 170,000 animals since opening their doors and have kept an estimated 500,000 cats and dogs off the streets and out of shelters. The 501c3 organization relies on community support to fulfill their mission. Learn more at

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