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Pups on Parole

Our Goal With Pups on Parole

The Pups on Parole program is the beginning of a second chance for dogs to find a family to call their own. Dogs rescued by Heaven Can Wait Animal Society get a new lease on life after being paired withr esidents at a southern Nevada correctional facility.

Correctional Facility

Residents from the Florence McClure Women’s Correctional Facility provide rehabilitation and training to dogs which are rescued by Heaven Can Wait Animal Society volunteers.

Last Day Dogs

The program is designed to save “last day dogs” from shelters and assist owner turn-ins. Pups On Parole has changed the lives of many homeless dogs and also that of the residents.

Regaining Trust

Some of our dogs have lost their trust in people as a result of previous trauma and abuse. At the correctional facility, these animals are given time to heal and regain their confidence in humans.

How It Works

Each dog is assigned to a team of residents who help with socialization and rehabilitation to prepare our rescues for their new lives with a family of their own.
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Ready For a Family

During their time at the facility, each dog learns to walk on a leash, is housebroken, and taught basic commands. This process builds a stronger faith in humans before they join a new family.

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