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Monthly Plant-Based Sunday Brunch Parties Benefit HCW

This will sound antithetical to the Las Vegas we love so much, but a big brunch party doesn’t have to be an overindulgence.

Valencia Lawrence and Myles Bunch are in the process of proving it. The business—and life—partners recently rebranded their food and lifestyle company into something new called the Edible Bunch, and then partnered with trendy event space StarBase to launch the Plant-Based Sundays monthly soiree. It goes down on the third Sunday of each month—next up February 20 at 10 a.m.—with tickets ($70-$90) available at or

“The idea is to show people you can experience a plant-based lifestyle without sacrificing any of the flavors you’re used to with a traditional, animal-based diet,” Bunch says. “We just want to get people tasting different foods and provide a spot where plant-based eaters can go and don’t have to eat from the short options menu.”

Although local vegan and vegetarian dining options have made great strides, there still aren’t many brunch hot spots with extensive plant-based menus. At the first StarBase event in January, guests fell in love with the French toast, its batter made with Just Egg and coconut milk and finished with a crisp brûléed sugar coating, fresh berry compote, and coconut cream. The vegan mac and cheese was a hit, too.

Plant-Based Sundays also feature cocktails, music, and entertainment from hosts Asia Jade and Dizzy Wright plus special guests and interactive elements promoting overall wellness. Plus, a portion of the proceeds benefit Heaven Can Wait Animal Society. Bunch says to prepare for some sensory overload, with different foods and drinks in colorful, art-filled spaces.

“When you pull up, you don’t really understand what’s inside this place,” Lawrence says. “It’s like a magical egg—you pop it open, and there are all these different areas.”

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