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Las Vegas Dog Looking for New Family After Suspected Trauma, Wire in Jaw

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - A Las Vegas nonprofit is working to help a dog find a new family after they say the dog either suffered abuse or was hit by a car.

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society received Belle after her owner was unable to care for her food and medical needs. Belle was surrendered to the Pups on Parole program because she has a crooked jaw and was considered “less adoptable” due to her previous trauma.

Despite all of the trauma, the animal group said Belle has been sweet and affectionate and that she could fit in with the right family.


Heaven Can Wait found that Belle suffered from a broken jaw, a fractured hip and a surgical wire left in her jaw bone that was never removed. The group believes Belle was either hit by a car or abused in a previous home.

Heaven Can Wait is seeking donations to provide Belle with medical care and surgeries to allow her to go up for adoption. To donate, click here.

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