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HCWS to extend low-cost veterinary services

The 'Heaven Can Wait' Wellness Clinic is set to offer more low-cost services for families in need with pets.

The local nonprofit has provided the community with spay and neuter services for over 20 years. It will now be expanding its services to include preventative care, vaccines, diagnostic services, and outpatient procedures.

“Our ultimate goal is to keep animals happy and healthy in homes, and out of shelters. That’s the best way to save lives, and providing spay & neuter services will always be an essential part of that,” says Francesca Fulciniti, Executive Director.

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"With this Wellness Clinic, we hope to prevent critical – and expensive – medical situations. We also want to be a resource for families who feel they’ve run out of options for care.”

Even with the ongoing shortage of veterinarians and technicians in Southern Nevada, the clinic also plans to recruit more staff who are passionate about providing the community with quality and affordable care for their pets.

If you would like to make an appointment or for more information on their veterinarian openings, click here.

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